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Do you need professional & cost effective carpet repairs? Here at Carpet Repairs Perth, we are experts in carpet repair – carpet patching, stretching, installation & more.

Do you have burnt carpets? pet damage? torn or frayed carpets? Bubbles or ripples in carpet? pulled threads? stains that wont come out? or need new carpets installed? We can fix it!

Rory, occasionally aided by his semi retired Father – Brian has been fitting & repairing carpets in Perth & surrounding areas since 2005 and has all the tools & knowledge required to get the job done. Without the overheads of a bricks & mortar shop you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a great price with satisfaction guaranteed. Call us on 0407684088 for a free quote.

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Alex Meares
Alex Meares
Rory was very responsive and did a great job.
James Rae
James Rae
Clean and efficient and he new what he was doing I would definitely recommend this company
Malcolm Perry
Malcolm Perry
Great work. Pulled up our carpet in the lounge before we had a carpenter level the floor of the sunken lounge room. They then came & relayed it. Prompt , efficient & polite. Thanks Rory
Travis Loomes
Travis Loomes
Awesome job, very professional, highly recommended for any carpet repair jobs.
Marlize Cilliers
Marlize Cilliers
If we knew it was going to be this easy and hassle free to get our carpets stretched, we would have called Rory months ago. Great service. Highly recommend Carpet Repairs Perth.
Wesley Griffiths
Wesley Griffiths
Prompt, efficient and good results / carpet completion with the carpet.
Heath Flanagan
Heath Flanagan
Fantastic work, friendly service and great price. Can’t ask for more! Highly recommended. Thanks so much.
EXCELLENT. Prompt, courteous, very knowledgeable and efficient. Quickly found the issues with the way the new carpet had been installed by another firm, and corrected them. Thank you for excellent work and reasonable cost. 🌹
Brian Kim
Brian Kim
Rory did an amazing job in patching up a iron burn damage. Quick and reliable
Fergus Kiley
Fergus Kiley
Ryan from Carpet Repairs Perth provided an excellent and easy service during my recent carpet repair. He was prompt, helpful and very communicative throughout the whole process. I had a small hole from pet damage in my carpet and Ryan was able to finish the whole job in under and hour. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs them. He also informed me that he operates all over Perth. I will defiantly be using him again in the future.

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Fixed Carpet patch repair from another company

Get it fixed right by Carpet Repairs Perth the first time.

This first carpet repair below was actually carried out for a client who had already paid a different carpet repair company to carry out the works beforehand. All our repair work is carried out in line with AS/NZ carpet joining standards and backed by 18 years of experience in the industry.

Carpet patch

Difficult Carpet repairs

Cream and white colour carpets are hands down the hardest carpets to patch and repair, it truly tests a skilled and steady hand to scribe out the area and the perfect piece for replacement. Check out this cream wool twistpile that the client had tried to clean a stain off of and in doing so had worn the fibres away, creating a large unsightly mark. We managed to cut out and patch the area to a good as new standard. The picture tells a thousand words!

Carpet patch repair of an iron burn

Carpet Patching – Iron Burn in carpet

cut out and patched with spare carpet from wardrobe, seamsealed, heatbonded and steamed to blend. Good as new!

carpet pet damage repair

Pet damage carpet repair

Client had a naughty puppy that had chewed the carpet up behind a closed door. We managed to restore the damaged section of carpet to an as new condition.

carpet cigarette burn repair

Cigarette burn carpet patch repair

Cut out and patched with spare carpet taken from under skirting board to a good as new condition.

Carpet patch from pot plant which damaged carpet

Pot plant carpet patch repair

Damaged section cut out and patched with spare carpet from a wardrobe. Good as new!

large carpet patch

Large damaged area carpet repair

For large damaged areas we can utilise a piece of carpet from a wardrobe if there is no spare carpet available. After seamsealing, heatbonding and steaming the patch to blend, you would never have guessed it was damaged. Good as new!

Pet damaged carpet repair

Pet damaged carpet repair

This clients cat had pulled carpet threads on this loop piled carpet. Using a small piece from the back of a cupboard, we were able to repair this carpet to look as good as new!

Carpet Patching where wardrobe has been removed

Built in Cupboard removed from corner or room. Carpet Patching repair

This customer had decided to remove a built in wardrobe from the corner of their room, leaving an unsightly corner of bare concrete. We were able to source same density underlay and utilised a piece of carpet from a wardrobe to repair the section to an as new standard.

Loose carpets carpet stretching

Loose carpets / carpet stretching

This is quite a common repair that we carry out. Carpet is a textile and it is to be expected that at least once during its life it will need retensioning to the gripper. If your carpet has unsightly ripples or waves in it get in touch to enquire about our carpet stretching services. As you can see below we can restore your carpets to their former glory.

Carpet step repair

Pet damaged step repaired by Carpet Repairs Perth

For this job we took a small section of carpet from a robe and inserted it on the corner step to repair to an as new condition.

New carpet installed

New carpet installed by Carpet Repairs Perth for client

Due to being a sole trader and owner operated I have low overheads which allow me to source and supply carpet and underlay at a lower price than our competitors. Cut out the middle man and rest easy knowing that your getting the best price through Carpet Repairs Perth


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